Top Tier Personal Trainer Education Program

Ever wondered if you should become a Personal Trainer?  First answer these questions:

  •                 Do you think working out is awesome?
  •                 Do you believe people should lead by example?
  •                 Do you enjoy helping others?
  •                 Do you want your job to make a genuine impact on the people you work with?


                If you can answer YES to each of those questions, then you should consider becoming a personal trainer!

                The Top Tier Personal Trainer Education Program is the area’s best option for becoming a personal trainer.  Why you ask?  See if you can find another program that offers all of this:

                In-Person Education – you can’t learn to become a qualified personal trainer by sitting at home and reading book.  Our program is in-person and takes place in a gym.
                Master Instructor – you’ll be personally instructed by Master Instructor Tim Henriques.  He has taught over 1,000 individuals to become a personal trainer, he runs a successful personal training business, and he wrote the textbook that you will be using in school.
                Small Class Size – our class is limited to only 5 students.  This guarantees plenty of one-on-one interaction.  You will know the material when you are done and the class will move at your pace.
               NASM Exam Included – we’ll prepare you to take the NASM Certified Personal Trainer Exam upon completion of the program so you can hit the ground running and start helping people right away.  This is a one thousand dollar savings included for you.


                There is no feeling quite like helping someone else become empowered in their own life.  Seeing changes in your clients – in their posture, in their strength, and most importantly in their attitudes – is one of the greatest aspects of being a personal trainer.  Think how different being fit makes you feel, and think how awesome it will be to give that feeling to others – and you’ll get paid to do it.


Procrastination is for the rest of the pack – now is the time to act!


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                Due to Tim’s relentless passion for high-quality educational instruction, class size is extremely limited and classes fill up fast.  Click here to reserve your spot today.