All About Powerlifting

All About Powerlifting is considered to be “the most extensive reference on the sport ever created”. It is “truly the bible of Powerlifting” and it contains “everything a lifter could want and more”. With 486 pages of powerlifting goodness, this text covers every detail of how to perform the lifts, how to train to get strong, and how to dominate on competition day. It also includes interviews with some of the best lifters in the world. 50+ 5 star reviews can’t all be wrong. You can find All About Powerlifting here or on Amazon. Available in Hard Copy or digital format.

Key Features:

  • How to use the powerlifts to improve sporting performance
  • How to perform your best on meet day
  • Extensive lifter classification system for men and women
  • Rules of competition
  • Detailed training programs for each of the main lifts

NPTI’s Fundamentals of Fitness and Personal Training

This book is the comprehensive textbook used by all of the National Personal Training Institute Schools across the country. Written in an easy to read, conversational tone, this book describes how the body works and how it responds to exercise. If you want to take your level of fitness beyond the first steps and into the next level, this book is for you.

Key Features:

  • 520 pages and over 3000 references
  • Detailed nutritional information on how to build muscle and lose fat
  • 3 chapters dedicated to anatomy with a specific focus for personal trainers on how to target that specific area
  • Information on how to conduct personal training sessions
  • Extensive practical information on how to create workout programs with samples included

All About Program Design


This one of a kind eBook covers every step from A to Z in creating ideal workout programs. It discusses the latest scientific information known about program design and then it provides training parameters for all of the popular fitness goals: strength, size, endurance, weight loss, power, explosiveness, training older adults, and how to train beginners. If learning more about how to create ideal programs is of interest to you, then this book is a must have, and it is only $9.

Key Features:

  • A specific chapter is devoted to each of the main goals in fitness
  • A fully detailed, sample workout is included for every goal
  • One chapter covers how you can create your own workout programs
  • Each exercise discussed has a video link to it, more than 200 exercises are included
  • Popular exercises have a full in depth video demonstration linked

All personal training packages include complimentary copies of All About Powerlifting and All About Program Design books!


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